How Pune is reflecting Luxurious by its Rising Actual property market?


It all starts with the concept; our decision to build dedicated four-bedroom projects with uniform apartment sizes stems from a desire to create equality within the community. A society in which everyone lives in the same-sized units with the same view, amenities, and standards attracts more compatible people and ensures a like-minded community for years to come. Goel Ganga developments owner, Annuj Goel is altering the face of luxury in a home with its latest developments in Pune.

The lifetime and maintainability of façade components, lobbies, common spaces, materials utilised, interior design, fittings and fitments, overall architecture, and finally execution are all considered. Luxury is about the deeper features of the lifestyles of those who purchase it, not only what catches the eye at that moment of a sales pitch. Many luxury buildings talk about huge designer lobbies and intricate architectural details, yet this is a myopic approach to luxury.

Annuj Goel Ganga is one of the few luxury builders in Pune who recognises that housing societies typically lack the financial means to perform extensive civil renovations, therefore they create the spaces in a style that straddles the line between functionality, maintainability, modernity, and minimalism.

It’s not about size when it comes to luxury! Luxury is a sensation. Small areas can be made to appear larger just by approaching them differently. 

Because that is how we all experience our homes, all of our luxury apartments in Pune are created with the sunlight, wind direction, time of day, and season of Pune in mind. All Goel Ganga developments projects in Pune emphasise light and air flow, nearly doubling the home’s ‘perceived carpet area.’

Unfortunately, the term “luxury” in the context of real estate has come to be associated with high-end developments in affluent areas. Luxury, on the other hand, is more than that. It’s about how you feel when you’re actually ‘living’ in the house or project.

A Goel Ganga developments home doesn’t need an interior decorator. All homes are built as attractive and functional open palettes where you can just arrange your favourite furnishings and begin living, says Annuj Goel Pune.

All of this is the product of a continual desire to be one step ahead of the competition. It’s the conclusion of 40 years of aiming to achieve the gold standard of luxury. We’ve tried to educate the end-user on what luxury should be and what they should anticipate when someone mentions luxury since our first project. And this commitment to excellence in luxury has not gone unnoticed, adds Annuj Goel Ganga. 

Why is the real estate market in Pune booming?

Pune has always been the home of culture, tradition, food, a gorgeous environment, great weather, and kind and sarcastic people since ancient times. Pune is no longer only a city that houses IT businesses and the automotive sector; it has evolved into a home for about 7 million people.

Pune is connected to Mumbai by road and to practically every metro city in India by air, which is one of the main reasons for the city’s rapid growth. Pune is recognised as the ‘Oxford of the East,’ with over 800 colleges and lakhs of students from all over India. Every educational institution then offers these pupils a great job and generates an occupation opportunity that allows them to live the best lifestyle possible.

The residential real estate market is steadily recovering from the downturn of 2016-17, and overall sales are gradually growing as consumers increasingly view assets in this area as long-term investments.

People of a specific class are flocking to Pune’s luxury apartments, which is good news for a handful of the city’s top builders. The luxury flats in Pune are furnished with luxury interior elements as standard features, making residents yearn for a lavish lifestyle.


Goel Ganga developments offers a wide choice of beautiful apartments ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms flats. Visit the continuing Ganga Fernhill project in Undri to get a deep dive into luxury and feel the wonder of pure luxury.

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