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Shopping online has become a normal part of life. But is it a wise strategy to use when you’re buying big-ticket items?

For example, should you buy an engagement ring online? 

In this article, we’re discussing online engagement ring shopping and the benefits of purchasing from JamesAllen.com, an online bridal jewelry pioneer.

What Is JamesAllen.com?

JamesAllen.com was founded by Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michelle Sigler and Dean Lederman in 2006. The team has over 70 years of combined experience in the diamond industry. 

Today, JamesAllen.com is the fastest growing online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer in the world. 

The company is focused on providing superior education, support and transparency every step of the way. In fact, JamesAllen.com is well known in the industry for selling only conflict-free diamonds. 

Every diamond they sell is certified conflict-free in compliance with the Kimberley Process, the Patriot Act and United Nations resolutions.

Thanks to this ethical commitment, you can be sure that the money you spend on the diamond you purchase hasn’t benefited from ipractices such as child labor or unsafe conditions.

There are many reasons to consider JamesAllen.com if you’re shopping for an engagement ring. Here are some features that JamesAllen.com offers: 

image of JamesAllen.com ring

Quality Diamonds

JamesAllen.com only sells diamonds that are certified by one of the top three independent diamond grading laboratories.

These include:

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
  • AGS (American Gem Society)
  • IGI ( International Gemological Institute)

Buying a diamond that is certified by a highly rated independent institution like one of the three named above is important. 

Certification involves laboratory testing by specially trained experts that will determine the quality grades of the stone. 

Additionally, using independent certification companies is important as they are unbiased and have nothing to gain from the sale of a diamond. 

Another benefit of buying from JamesAllen.com is that all diamonds on the site are displayed in 360-degree HD. 

You can even use JamesAllen.com’s real-time inspection service. This is where diamond experts share their screens with you and walk you through the qualities of diamonds you’re considering.You can ask questions and discuss facets of each stone with your expert. 

Wide Selection

JamesAllen.com has over 200,000 conflict-free diamonds to choose from, including earth-created and lab-created stones.

No matter what size, shape or price range you’re looking for, JamesAllen.com can likely accommodate your needs.

The company carries fancy colored diamonds as well as colorless diamonds, giving you tons of options to choose from for the perfect ring. 

Depending on availability, you might be able to find diamonds in colors such as:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Black 
  • And more

In addition to earth-created and lab-created colorless diamonds, JamesAllen.com can help you design a ring made with a gemstone as well.

Gemstone choices include: 

  • Blue Sapphire
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Green Sapphire
  • Red Ruby
  • Green Emerald

These stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Variety of Settings

JamesAllen.com has a wide variety of settings to choose from. 

You can choose from settings such as:

  • Solitaire
  • Pavé
  • Channel Set
  • Side Stone
  • Tension
  • Halo 
  • Vintage
  • Three Stone

As with the diamonds, all settings are displayed in 360-degree HD. 

Choose to have your setting made from precious metals such as 14k or 18k white gold, 14k or 18k yellow gold, platinum or rose gold. 

Designer Collections

JamesAllen.com also carries designer collections including styles from Verragio, Jeff Cooper, Martin Flyer and Danhov.

Each designer offers a wide selection of settings. Note that precious metal options may be somewhat limited when shopping the designer collections. 

Image of rings from JamesAlllen.com

Select Your Own Diamond

As a customer, you get to browse the site and select your own diamond or gemstone. You can also specify factors down to the smallest details. 

You can choose features such as:

  • Shape: Round, Princess, Cushion, Emerald, Oval, Radiant, Asscher, Marquise, Heart, Pear
  • Color: H through D
  • Clarity: SI1 through FL
  • Cut: Ideal or True Hearts
  • Carat Size: 0.05 through 30.00
  • Price: $200 up to $1M

Remember that all diamonds are displayed in 360-degree HD so that you can see exactly what you’ll get when you buy. 

Once you put in your parameters, you can filter the results and browse as you’d like. You can sort by price, color, size and more. 

image of rings by JamesAllen.com

Affordable Options Available

With the wide variety of options available through JamesAllen.com, you’ll be able to find a selection in almost every price range. 

Affordable rings and one-of-a-kind elite-priced rings are available. As I used the site to design an engagement ring for this article, I found I could design a ring for as low as $600.

By changing the parameters or using a gemstone as opposed to a diamond, you can get an even lower price.

It’s easy to use the site to design an engagement ring that fits perfectly with your individual needs, wants and budget. 

Image of woman with ring and bracelet from JamesAllen.com

Virtual Sizer

JamesAllen.com also has a virtual ring sizer on the website. You can use a number of options to determine the size of the ring you need.

For instance, you can use an existing ring that fits the user. Alternately, you can measure the circumference of the finger the ring will go on.

You can even request to have a free ring sizer mailed to you so that you can determine the size of the ring you need.

Should You Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

Online shopping is so common these days for just about everything, including engagement rings! Online shopping can save up to 50% off compared to traditional retail storefronts. 

You’ll want to be sure you choose the right vendor as you shop online for engagement rings. 

Here are some things to consider before you buy your engagement ring online: 

The Reviews

Check reputable online sites such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau to see what others are saying about the retailers you are considering.

The Guarantee

Do the vendors you’re considering offer guarantees on their work? If so, what are the specifics of the guarantee, and will it accommodate your situation if you need to return the ring?

For example, the JamesAllen.com guarantee includes a lifetime warranty that states that the ring you buy will be free from manufacturer defects. 

JamesAllen.com will repair and maintain your purchase for a lifetime, including free prong tightening, polishing and cleaning.

You can take advantage of these services by mailing your ring to one of JamesAllen.com’s offices or by visiting a qualifying Jared service center. 

The guarantee also includes free resizing for the first year as well as free engraving. 

The Return Policy

You’ll want to check the return policy of the ring vendor you’re considering. 

For instance, JamesAllen.com offers worldwide hassle-free returns with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

The return policy states that you have 30 days to return unworn items and get a full refund. 

Customer Service

Customer service is another important option to consider when you are thinking about buying an engagement ring online. 

JamesAllen.com offers several customer service options for clients, including:

  • 24/7 customer service phone line
  • A live chat feature
  • An email feature

Be sure that the diamond ring vendor you choose has several ways you can contact them if you need assistance.

This is important when purchasing an engagement ring, whether it’s to discuss changes, defects or returns. 


If you are still on the fence about buying an engagement ring from JamesAllen.com, these questions might help.

Does it cost extra to have the diamond set into the ring setting?

No. The cost you see as you design your ring includes setting the diamond into the ring. 

What types of payment does JamesAllen.com accept? 

JamesAllen.com accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal. 

You can also pay via wire transfer. Wire transfer payments receive a 1.5% discount. 

They also offer an interest-free payment option using SplitIt.

Does JamesAllen.com offer a referral program? 

Yes. When you refer a friend to JamesAllen.com, your friend will get $150 off of their purchase. 

You can choose to get $150 off of your next purchase or receive a $50 Amazon gift card. There’s also a charitable donation option.


Buying an engagement ring is an important and momentous occasion. Be sure you get the best diamond for your budget at a trusted retailer who stands behind their work and product. 

JamesAllen.com’s expansive, high-quality selection of bands and stones at the best prices can help you do that. 

Visit the site to see if JamesAllen.com might be the best choice for your engagement ring and other jewelry needs.


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