Third nomination to the 2022 Antitrust Writing Awards — please vote — How one can Crack a Nut


Dear HTCaN friends,

If you follow the blog, you will know that I run it out of interest and passion for procurement, competition and digital governance topics. If you follow, you probably share those interests and hopefully find something interesting here every now and then. I am very glad that we can share this space.

However, being an academic subject to quite a few pressures (publish or perish, etc), it is sometimes difficult to justify the effort and time that goes into it—as opposed to, say, ‘writing proper papers’. This is why nominations to the Antitrust Writing Awards for content published in this blog are always a boost for me — and a useful way to show the powers to be that legal blogging has practical value!

It was good to be nominated in 2015 and 2016, and it is now also great to be nominated again for the 2022 awards for the entry on the European Commission’s bid rigging exclusion guidance of March 2021.

Now in their 11th year, the Antitrust Writing Awards are the field’s largest awards for written thought. For this 11th edition, the Editorial Committee received a record-breaking 1,200+ submissions and, for the category for which the blog is nominated (business article on concerted practices), the Committee selected 29 nominees out of 630 submissions.

As a reader, you can vote online for your favourite writings until March 25, 2022. I would sincerely appreciate it if you considered voting for my entry, which you can do following this link.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support for the blog.

All the best,


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