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Back in October 2021, I wrote a post that I was taking a short hiatus from blogging and social media. I am happy to report the hiatus has officially ended…just not in the way I expected.

Vintage Value Investing has officially been sold this week. What motivated me It was a difficult decision for me to make, and I will get into the details shortly, but for now, just know this: it was the most necessary decision for me and where I’m at in my my life.


First, I would like to thank everyone for their support and feedback during my hiatus. In the days following the publication of my last post, I didn’t expect such a positive reaction. However, I received a lot of praise, encouragement, and just overall pleasant vibes.


Thank you all so much for your support!


Now, there are three main reasons (in order of importance) why I decided to sell VVI. Let’s start with number one.



VVI has become less and less attractive to me (probably for the better). When I bought the site, the majority of the content was about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and many other value investing legends. This is not a bad thing at all, and we can learn a lot from the GOATs.


However, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are both old news, despite their greatness.


The fact that Buffett and Munger have been around for decades is not intended as an insult. Buffett is now 91 years old, and Munger is close to 100! These two have lived long and incredible lives.


Though I still have enormous respect for them, how much more can be said about them that hasn’t already been said? The older they get, the less active they become, and I can’t imagine that will change any time soon. Despite their geriatric states, they continue to make headlines.


Although I like the current content on the site, it doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. Throughout their careers, Munger and Buffet have said and done some amazing things. However, spouting their platitudes isn’t much fun when they’ve already been done a trillion times before.


Furthermore, I no longer think of myself as a “value investor”. Don’t get me wrong, my portfolio doesn’t include crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks like your average r/wallstreetbets bro.


No, I remain a rational and deep-thinking investor. But value investor? I really don’t know. There are so many stereotypes associated with growth and value (even though I’ve thoroughly debunked it) that I just don’t want to be labeled as either.


My goal is to simply be known as an investor, find my own path, and avoid any labeling.


In my hiatus, the more I thought about this, the more I cringed at the thought of writing for VVI again. I just find it no longer suited to the way I think now.


From this perspective, I hope you can understand my desire to move on. Growth in one’s self can be rewarding, but it can sometimes be costly.



You may recall from my Coming Clean post that I will be leaving active duty after a little more than 10 years of service. Even now, I need to start preparing for what is shaping up to be a big life event.


My wife is still on the hunt for a job back in the U.S. Over the holiday season, she struggled quite a bit. However, since the new year she has received a flood of replies and interviews. I have a feeling we’ll hear some good news soon…I hope!


In the meantime, I am in limbo. Naturally, I intend to start school in the fall, but where I choose to enroll depends heavily on where my wife lands a job.


In the next few months, we have a lot to do. In case my wife gets a job, we will need to stop everything, fly back to the US, and make sure she has a smooth transition. This includes getting a new car, temporary housing, and just all around life stuff.


After that, I would fly back to Germany (alone, but not afraid) and serve the remainder of my active duty time while preparing for separation and moving my household goods.


The next six months are likely to be a very volatile time in my life, and I just don’t have time or inclination to commit to anything else. My focus needs to be on this next step and making the right decisions.



Over the past few years, I’ve been saving for this separation. I have enough…I think.


However, I have no idea what will happen in the next six months. I could need to live off my savings for a much longer period than expected during this transition (I hope not!).


Therefore, I decided that cashing out now could give me more of a safety net and some peace of mind. VVI’s sale could be enough to pay for a year or two of rent depending on where we end up living.


Should the unexpected happen, I’ll have extra money to fall back on.



All of VVI’s content (including this newsletter) will be absorbed by the buyers. The buyers are the owners of Right now, it’s primarily a personal finance site, but they are writing more content on value investing in order to diversify their base.


They thought that VVI’s content would be a great addition to help them gain an edge in this space. After meeting them personally, I am confident that they will respect VVI’s content and voice.



In order to give the new owners time to successfully integrate VVI’s content into their own, I have agreed to a non-compete clause for six months. As a result, I will not be starting any new blogs or newsletters until around July/August.


The timing works out perfectly, since all the life transition should be completed around that time.


As of now, I do plan to return in some way. There are a few ideas I have, but I doubt it will be on the same scale as VVI. It’ll be a more personal project in which I will be free to express some of my ideas.


My Twitter and Commonstock accounts will remain active until then. I will be surrendering the VVI social media accounts, so I have created my own personal ones. Here are the links to my updated personal accounts if you wish to follow me.




Thanks to everyone who read and supported VVI. It has been a wonderful experience. So many new people have been introduced to me during this endeavor, and I’ve learned a lot from them. It’s been fantastic.


Keep in touch with me on social media to stay up to date, because I won’t be absent for very long.


Until next time!


Invest wisely,

Dillon Jacobs


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