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Myth #2 – Repurposing content is boring for our followers

I always have women telling me that they don’t repurpose their content because they are afraid people will stop following them.

It’s actually the opposite.

Your audience will get more value from your content when you are repetitive. Most people need to hear from you multiple times before they ever even take action.

Don’t worry about losing people, and if you do, they probably weren’t a good fit for what you offer anyway.

When you repurpose content you can actually adapt it multiple different ways so that you aren’t just copying and pasting the same thing over and over again.

For example, you can take 1 video and splice it into many different Instagram feed posts or Facebook page posts. Think of how many Instagram stories you can create from just 1 blog post.

Instead of summarizing an entire new piece of content, break it up and share it on your social platforms in different ways: videos, carousels, lives, feed posts, etc.


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