Nearly $1.1M in CPF financial savings!


One year ago, at a bit more than 49 years old, my CPF savings hit $1 million or a bit more.

It was a really good way to start the year in 2021.

This year is even better.

My CPF savings made a total of $31,207.95 in interest income in 2021.

Of course, recently, I made a Top Up to my MA as well as Voluntary Contributions to my OA and SA.

2022 CPF Top Up and Voluntary Contribution done!

Now, if we put everything together, I have almost $1.1M in CPF savings! 

So nice to start 2022 with an absolutely auspicious bang!


I am staying the course and will continue to grow my CPF savings with some much appreciated help from the government.

As I am a retiree, I will have to grow my CPF savings voluntarily which is more demanding compared to people who are still in the workforce.

However, it is definitely worthwhile.

The volatility free and risk free nature of CPF coupled with attractive “coupons” makes it the ideal investment grade bond for me.

Retire with an investment grade bond and an annuity.

The strategy really isn’t difficult to understand.

However, I do understand that depending on our circumstances, we might not need to or be able to execute the strategy.

Of course, some might not even want to.

It doesn’t really matter to me.

After all, ASSI is just a blog for me to talk to myself.

Eavesdrop if you like and if you like what you hear, good.

If the ideas work for you, even better.

Don’t be like some people.

Unhappy with CPF and angry with AK!

To everyone who is on the same rewarding CPF journey, congratulations!

Huat with CPF!

Really, time does fly.

Remember this blog from 2015?

AK is buying a 12 year tenor AAA bond.

Do the right thing.

Do it early.


Don’t do silly things and we can retire smart too.

Of course, AK is just talking to himself again.

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