Primark launching new web site with inventory checker


Primark is set to launch a new website that will allow shoppers to check stock levels at your local store.

Primark store

Primark is launching a new website in 2022, allowing you to see more product lines available in stores.

Currently, you can only get a sneak peek at their ranges on their social media.

However, the change to the website won’t allow you to shop or get home deliveries.

Here’s how the Primark website will work.

Primark online stock checker

shopping in store at Primark

The new Primark website is due to launch in March 2022.

Their current website allows you to browse thousands of their clothing, home and beauty products.

You can then choose to buy an e-gift card (which you can spend in store) or search for your closest store.

The redeveloped Primark website will allow you to check stock levels, meaning you don’t need to waste a journey to hunt out your favourite new styles.

This is NOT shopping online at Primark

While many shoppers want the chance to shop from the comfort of their own homes, Primark is still not planning to launch an online shopping site.

The new site is purely to check stocks.

You will still need to shop in store and won’t get home delivery.

A statement from Primark said:

“The new website will showcase many more of our products and will provide customers with product availability by store”.

Their recent statement also confirmed that there are no plans to increase prices.

This isn’t the only time it’s been rumoured that Primark plans to sell online.

It was picked up in the press some time back that you could shop online with Primark, but it meant that you could shop through third-party sellers.

And the items were a lot more expensive.


When does the new Primark website launch?

The new customer-facing Primark website is set to launch in March 2022.

Can I shop online with Primark?

You will not be able to shop online with Primark.

The new website will allow customers to check stock levels in a local store, but you won’t be able to shop and get home deliveries.

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