2022 CPF High Up and Voluntary Contribution accomplished.


How time flies and it has been more than 5 years since I became a retiree, just a few months before I turned 45. 

In my case, financially, the biggest negative aspect of being a retiree is probably the lack of mandatory CPF contributions. 

I mean my passive income is large enough to replace my past earned income and then some. 

So, I suppose my cash flow is healthy enough. 

However, as I believe in growing my CPF savings so that it continues to act as a meaningful bond component of my investment portfolio, I would do Voluntary Contribution every year to the maximum allowed. 

Yes, I have been growing my CPF savings without any help from mandatory CPF contributions which those who are employed receive. 

Makes me wonder if I should return to the workforce? 

Exchange my time for money again? 

Lazy me working again? 


Of course, even in my retirement, I was not able to do any Top Up to my CPF account as my CPF SA has exceeded the prevailing FRS. 

Year after year, the interest earned by money in my SA would exceed any increase in the prevailing FRS. 

Yes, without me having to do anything, my SA stays above the prevailing FRS. 


CPF SA is not a myth. 

This year, however, I am allowed to do a Top Up but to my MA, not my SA. 

If you missed my blog in November last year on the topic, please read: 

CPF Amendement Bill 2021 and AK talks to himself.

What did I do this year?

In my case, I am interested in pumping as much cash as possible into my CPF account. 

So, for maximum cash injection into my CPF account, I first did a $3,000 Top Up to my MA to hit the new BHS of $66,000. 

Then, I did a Voluntary Contribution or VC3 (i.e. VC to 3 accounts) that is equivalent to the CPF Annual Contribution Limit of $37,740. 

The order is important because if I had done the Voluntary Contribution first, then, the money would have flowed into my OA, SA and MA, leaving less room to Top Up my MA. 

As I did the Top Up to my MA first, I could inject more funds in total to my CPF account and money from the Voluntary Contribution or VC3 flowed only into my OA and SA, effectively becoming VC2.

AK so witty.

Compared to the last few years, total voluntary cash injection into my CPF account this year is higher at:

S$ 40,740.

Those of you who complain that AK has not been giving 4D might see a potential 4074 here.


I have said it countless times but CPF members are a fortunate bunch. 

Albert Einstein said compound interest was the 8th wonder of the world. 

He who understands it, earns it. 

It is the same with the CPF. 

Happy New Year! 

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