Why Is Your Weblog Not Getting Guests?


So you created a blog or any other website.

You got a great theme, filled the blog with all the needed info. Everything is looking great.

Now, it is time to write some content. You get to work. Analyzing google trends, looking for the right keywords.

After a couple of weeks, your blog is starting to look really great. The pictures, the content, everything seems to match perfectly. You know for sure that the topics you are writing about are in demand because other blogs have several thousands of reshares on similar posts.

You put your grind on, weeks slowly add up into months. Your blog is full of great content…but nobody reads it.

Why is that?

Why even after you create and develop a fantastic content platform nobody is really paying attention to it? I am not even getting started on monetization.

Here is why.

Let me give you some numbers to think about before we develop this post further. For more details, you may visit GrowthBadger, who prepared a fantastic compilation of statistics about blogs. Along with Statista and InternetLiveStats – here are some of the main points:

  1. There are over 1,7 billion websites
  2. out of those, over 600 million are blogs
  3. each day over 4 million blog posts are created every.single.day
  4. Washington Post alone pushes out a staggering 500 posts a day

So, while you publish 1-3 posts a week, there are roughly 21 million new posts for the readers to go through.

Just imagine how huge the content market is, it is nearly unfathomable. It is not so surprising that your (or mine for that matter) posts are ignored.

And I do not mean ignored by readers. I am sure there are many people who would love to read what you have written. But they do not know where to find you.

Even is they tried, it is very possible they would not be able too. Because the amount of new content which is produced every minute is enormous.

Let’s add to the mix a fact that a lot of the publishers have dedicated people (or even teams) to do search engine optimization, social media marketing, design and so on…. and even they fail in many cases!

You might think that all is lost and it does not make sense to invest your time into blogging.

Here is the other side of this.

Do you know why all this content is created on a daily basis? Because people consume it!

That’s right. We can not see it from our desk, but out there are people who are interested in those 4mil+ posts a day.

How do I know it?

Because those posts are written, and new blogs are created!

There is also no sign of stopping. The growth continues.

So, you have to sides to this. There is a huge competition in every imaginable niche, but there is also a huge audience.

When other bloggers are saying that you should write quality content and traffic will come – they are not completely wrong, just partially. In my opinion, it is not enough to be just a genuine blogger in a nice niche writing fantastic content – that is a great platform that will get you traffic in the long run.

Nowadays you have to be a bit pushier. Anybody can get their blog up and running in 30 minutes with 0 dollars spent. Out of that huge number, a lot of writers will stand out. They will have a great experience, an interesting point of view…but that is not enough.

You have to promote your brand as if your life depended on it (and in some cases it does).

  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Subtle SEO
  • Email Marketing

Check out this infographic prepared by GrowthBadger:

Do you see the staggering difference in the mindset of a profitable blogger and a low-income blogger?

If we would sum this graph out.

Low-income bloggers:

  • Post content more frequently.
  • Do not talk to other influencers or bloggers.
  • Do not spend time on design.
  • Ignore email.
  • Ignore the blog name and URL.
  • Try to be different.
  • Ignore SEO.

High-income bloggers:

  • Post less content.
  • Network a lot.
  • Brainstorm on their design.
  • Get every email they can.
  • Tailor blog names and URLs.
  • Do not worry about the niche that much.
  • Worry about SEO a lot.

I think we are starting to get an answer on why your blog is not getting visitors. I definitely got mine.

Let’s get back to one quite important topic.

Post length.

What about it? You might think.

Successful bloggers usually publish posts over 2 000 words, unsuccessful bloggers usually go for under 1000 words post.

It may be nothing you to some of the seasoned professionals. It was definitely new to me.

If you think about it, it makes complete sense. With the drastically increasing competition, you can not stand out to the readers and search engines with “though of the day” posts.

You really have to dig deeper, to get the message across. This will definitely be a goal for my next posts. To choose a topic that would make for a 2000 words post.

The writing itself will not take you that much time, the research will.

That is actually great. The probability of Google picking up on a longer well-researched post is bigger. More people will share. So possibly the engagement will increase.

Also, you do not have to come up with 5 topics a week to write about, but will rather concentrate on one strong post.

So the question why is my blog not getting visitors will not be relevant any longer!

That leads me to the next section.

Why is everybody blogging about blogging?

Because given the number of blogs popping out, it is an obvious topic.

It is like selling shovels during the gold rush.

You can blog about blogging even if every one of your blogs fails. You have an experience that is worth sharing so… you share it.

Maybe you spent a lot of money on Facebook ads, so you know 10 ways how not to do it. That is valuable enough as it may save a starting blogger lots of money.

We all start with minimal funds, so any advice on how to do something for free or cheaper always helps.

Also, it is not that everyone would be blogging about blogging, it’s more that you mostly read blogs about blogging and notice it.

It’s the same as when you want to buy something. Suddenly it’s everywhere. You decide that you would love a Honda, so suddenly you see Honda’s around every corner. The number of Hondas remained the same, you are just paying attention to them.

Same with blogs. You decide to start a blog, so you read about it and see blogs everywhere. Internet search narrows our “internet vision” a lot. It gives us exactly what we are looking for, so it seems that there is nothing else.

But when you discover that there are over 4 mil blog post every day, and 1,7 billion websites…your horizon expands.

Why is everybody blogging about how to make money blogging?

Because people like to read about it.

There are tons of fantastic blogs about email marketing, SEO, conversion, etc. Admit it to yourself, are they fun to read? Not really.

But what is fun to read? Income reports. People can go through them for hours on hours. Because they imagine that they will be making the same in no time.

Only after you firmly decided that you will create an online business, only then you will actively search for “specialist blogs”. For blogs which tell you not how they started or how much they earned in the past month, but will in detail describe how to get the email open rates up.

So why is your blog not getting visitors?

1. It is too early.

You started your blog a couple weeks or months ago but still not managed to quit your job and make blogging your livelihood. It does not work that way.

When you look at some of the other bloggers, it seems that they started in January while in May they are already doing 4 figures a month.

Maybe there is something that they are not telling.

Maybe they have over 5 years of online marketing experience. 2 Facebook pages with 50 000 members, an Instagram account in their niche with 300 000 followers, an email list of 60 000 subscribers and whatever else. So when they made a blog and pushed all this traffic there…it worked.

It does not matter what others have or do not have, it is only about you. 

You should not care if he/she is earning more or less. You should care how much you are earning. How big traffic flow you got.

We are talking about life-changing income stream. It will not happen in 30 days.

Give it time, and work on it. 

2. You did not find your voice. 

I am struggling with this one myself. You read various blogs, all the ideas are mashed in your head. And you struggle to be authentic. Your post resembles a lesser version of the post of more popular bloggers.

Or maybe you are doing it on purpose.

Don’t. If people want to read Pat Flynn content…they will go and read Pat Flynn.

In my experience, it just takes time and a lot of writing.

Your inner voice needs to be formed. And it’s formed by constantly being under pressure of the need for new content.

3. You have a weak social media presence.

Your blog, your name, your domain – it has to be everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Mixer, Medium, etc.

Try new channels. try various pictures, change headlines. See what works. Experiment with the various audiences and see what they do respond best to.

Do not repeat the same routine over and over again and be surprised that it does not work.

4. You lack diligence.


Don’t half-do whatever you started.

Your blog NEEDS at LEAST one serious post a week. You have to deliver. It is not so much to ask for a shot at a better income.

You have a demanding job, maybe a family, you come home late and you are tired, you work on weekends.

I can understand. But you have to understand that if you will not change your routine, nothing your future will change.

One.Post.A.Week.  At least.

Choose a topic. Research it, for a day or two. Start to write it up. Get some visuals going. Most importantly, really commit to the delivery.

Every week you miss, you are letting your readers down. Even if it is just a couple of people reading your blog from time to time – they will go away if there will not be new content.

P.S.: Google likes diligent bloggers.

5. Your writing is bad.

There are two methods.

You have outstanding content – in this case, nobody cares how you write, everybody will read it for the information they will get.

In case you do not have the great secret content, you have to write in a way that is engaging to read. Write from your heart is if you would be writing to a close friend.

Try to keep in mind what would you look for in a post, and write from that perspective.

6. SEO. Do it.

You do not have to spend 6 months learning it. Watch a couple of youtube videos to give you a basic understanding of how it all works.

When you have a topic in mind, run a quick Google analysis to see what the competition is and if you can make a better title to have a higher chance of being noticed.

Each small step will bring you closer to those Goole placements and traffic.

7. Main point – Keep at it.

Everybody started from 0. Want me to prove it? Go to archive.org and search for the first website version of your online hero. Look at the design.

Go to their blog and scroll to the first few posts.

Now compare the starter design and posts to the design and content you see now.

What a change right?

They took the same pass as you and I are taking now.

The only difference is that they stuck to it. 

In future posts, I will share methods that I used to get traffic to my other projects. So stay tuned!



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