Wilder World Metaverse companions with Ledger to construct a Ledger Loft in Wiami


Wilder World has partnered with one of the crypto industry’s leading security and hardware providers to build a home in the metaverse. As more brands, individuals and organizations jump into the metaverse, reputable crypto companies are choosing where to make their home. From Samsung in Decentraland, Enjin in Bloktopia and now Ledger in Wilder World, there is a constant influx of organizations carving out their space in the metaverse. 

In Wilder World, the ledger team will offer their security and education hub to the photorealistic streets of the Wilder City called Wiami. Ledger will offer a unique place for users to learn how to navigate the metaverse as well as offering new immersive experiences that will bring people together.  

Ledger is renowned as a state-of-the-art, secure crypto wallet. Ledger Hardware wallets are regarded as some of the most secure for managing cryptocurrencies and digital assets. With ledger wallets, users can store private keys in a secure hardware device. Individuals and businesses use Ledger devices to gleam an extra level of security and protect against any hacking opportunities.

Ledger focuses on educating the masses

Ledger has onboarded millions of customers around the world and a dedicated community of followers with over 293,000 Twitter followers. They are focused on education as a way of warning people against potential scams and security issues. As a security device provider, they are keen to show newcomers how to be responsible with their digital assets, safeguarding digital and financial freedom. 

Wilder World as a metaverse offers a fun way to provide interactive, educational resources and connect with their user base. Combining a mix of gamification and other resources, Ledger will teach the Wilder World community how to be more secure as they embark on their crypto journey. Ledger and Wilder World are committed to working closely on the design of the Get Ledgered Loft that will provide the base from which users can learn.

Brands embracing virtual spaces in the metaverse

Ever since gaming platform Roblox hosted the Gucci Garden in May last year, other fashion brands have followed in style and curiosity with fashion shows and installations. The fashion industry was quick to embark on these digital trends and now that wearable NFTs are becoming a common feature across all metaverses, other industries are considering how they can fit into this digital environment. 

As the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds continue to blur it is natural that more brands will choose to build a home in the metaverse. The technology within these ecosystems is evolving so fast that it is just the beginning of what brands will be able to offer to this new customer base. Virtual environments also offer brands a way to experiment with new, immersive experiences and ways of getting users to interact with their products. The possibilities seem endless with gamification, VR, AR and even social finance bringing new innovations into the space. 


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