You Can Nonetheless Be part of the Uber Frugal Month Group Problem!


Cheers to the UFM!

Happy New Year and happy day one of the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge! You can still join the group if you sign up in the box below by 11:59pm ET today (which would be Saturday, January 1, 2022).

There’s a lot we can’t control about the New Year: what other people do, nature, our irrational love of Cheetos. One thing we CAN master is our money. We can be the big bosses of our finances.

Taking the Uber Frugal Month Challenge as a group means doing so with the knowledge that thousands of other frugal weirdos are working alongside you, making positive changes to their relationship with money.

PLUS, you can join the private UFM Facebook Group, where we discuss each day’s exercises and workshop challenges and ideas together. You’ll receive a link to sign up for the group once you’re enrolled in the Challenge.

The UFM is free, it’s fun (at the very least, it’s not painful), and it’s a resolution that only lasts one month–not bad!


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