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Your net worth is a benchmark for your financial success. Notice that I said financial success and not just success. That was intentional because money doesn’t define your success. Money can afford you freedom, but I believe real success doesn’t involve money. That was free of charge, now let’s talk about how to increase your net worth.

What is net worth?

Net worth is assets minus liabilities. How much wealth do you have after you subtract what you owe versus what you have? It’s typically used to gauge your progress in your financial life. If you have debt, then when you pay it down, your net worth goes up. The same happens when you increase your savings.

How to increase your assets

Honestly, the only way to increase your assets is to save money. At least, that’s where it all starts. The more you save, the more you have to work with.

How do you save money? Decrease your expenses and/or make more money. That’s what it comes down to. Figure out what’s important – in terms of your budget and spending. Everything else that doesn’t fit on that list needs to either be removed or reduced.

Once you have money saved, then you can put it to work. Invest it in securities or assets that have a chance to increase in value. What kinds of things have a chance to increase in value? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, precious metals, real estate, certificates of deposit (CDs), and cryptocurrency/NFTs (though I would tread carefully here).

Growing your assets will help you increase your net worth.

How to decrease your liabilities

Pay down your debts. That’s it. Obviously, it’s more challenging than that. Ideally, what you’d want to do is pay down your debts before you focus on the saving aspect of it. If you have debts with high-interest rates, like credit cards, those should be your first priority.

We’ve gone into detail about the repayment methods before so we’ll only touch on them briefly, but what’s important is decreasing your expenses so you can make larger, more regular payments towards your debts.

The next step is developing a repayment strategy. The two we’ve talked about before are the debt avalanche and the debt snowball. The debt avalanche – you pay the debt with the highest interest rate off first before moving to the next one. The debt snowball – you pay the debt with the smallest balance off before moving on to the next one.

Paying down your debts will really help you increase your net worth.

Is there a net worth number you should hit?

At the end of the day, your net worth number is really a reflection of what you’ve saved for retirement. Ideally, you will not have any debts, including your mortgage. So there’s no math that needs to be done. What are your assets? Primary home, any rental properties, and then your retirement savings, with primary home and retirement savings being the two most common for everyone.

So the question becomes, how much should you save for retirement? Thankfully, we’ve created a guide for you to help answer that question (see below).

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