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How do you calculate points?

Let’s look at some examples of how we’ll tally your points. 

Daily points:

Turnover rate

On the first day of the Trading Competition, all participants generated some trading volume and activity. Let’s say you made $100 turnover yesterday. Today, you’ve made $200 turnover. Your total turnover is $300. Your average daily turnover is $150. Your growth is:

$200-$150/$150*100% = 33%. 

The maximum number of points per activity = 40. So the best trader earns 40, the next one – 39, then 38, and so on. The 40th trader receives 1 point, the 41st gets 0.50 points (½). 42nd — 0.33 points (⅓), and so on.

Leaderboard place change (position growth)

Let’s say, yesterday you were in 10th place on the daily Leaderboard. Today, you’re in eighth place. You’re up two places. By this parameter (position growth), you are in second place. This is why you receive 39 points.

Number of markets

Let’s say you traded 20 pairs. By this parameter, you are in third place. This is why you get 38 points.

It works the same way for the trading volume and the number of transactions. But the leaders there might be different entrants. 

To receive the total sum of your daily points, just add the points for all five parameters together.

Trading volume points + number of transaction  + position growth + turnover rate + number of markets traded = total daily points 

Cumulative points: 

Imagine that on Day 1 you earned 33 points for volume, 34 points for trades, 39 points for Leaderboard position growth, 40 points for turnover rate, and 38 points for the number of the markets traded. 

Your total daily points are: 33 + 34 + 39 + 40 + 38 = 184 out of a possible 200. 

On Day 2, you got 27 points for volume, 29 points for trades, 13 points for Leaderboard position growth, 31 points for turnover rate, and 19 points for the number of the markets traded. You received 119 points for the day.

Your total cumulative points after two Competition days will be a sum of the points for Day 1 and Day 2: 184 + 119 = 303.

[Total daily points on Day 1]+[Total daily points on Day 2]+…+ [Total daily points on Day 14] = 

Total cumulative points

Every trading day, you start with 0 points. If you don’t trade during a day, you end up with 0 points, and your total ranking in the Leaderboard is lowered. 

So trade consistently to move up on the Leaderboard, and win prizes!



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