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Is the information at this link accurate? Https:// 
It says there is a "Collision Deductible Waiver"


So any normal person would read this would think if I get hit by an UNINSURED driver you can
waive my deductable.

Not according to my adjuster. Here is what I received when I asked about this.
"The following is the criteria needed to waive your deductible.
1) The loss to your covered auto is greater than the deductible amount; and
2) The owner and driver of the other vehicle are identified; and
3) The owner or driver of the other vehicle has a liability policy covering the loss; and Contact
the A/C to verify that claimant's policy is active for the DOL.
4) The driver of your covered auto is not legally responsible, in any way, for causing or
contributing to the loss.
If this criteria is not met then we are unable to waive your deductible."

Wait a miniute if they need to have a "liability policy covering the loss" (insurance) to waive
my deductible they are not uninsured.

So USAA what is the correct answer to get a Collision Deductible Waiver; Insured or Uninsured?
You can't have it both ways.



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