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Hi there @VictoryisDefeat,


I’d like to address each of your questions:


WHERE IS THE PAY BILL choice on each of the sections? 

      For Banking: Click Pay Bills, listed under Banking title (Transfer, Pay Bills, Statements, or Add Account) or

select your bank account, click MENU in the circle located on the top-right. 


      For Insurance: Click Insurance Bill, listed under Insurance title ( Auto Proof, Insurance Bill, Claims, Add/Quote) or Select PAY displayed on the right side of your home page under Auto & Property Bill. or, Select the insurance account, to find more options, including View and Pay Bill. 




     Click on your initials on the top of the page


     Located your profile options (click on your initials)


     Select, + Products tab at the top of the page, located under the Perks option


Message System — sure worthless.  Won’t let you do a message on auto insurance, property insurance, or any GENERAL topic — so what’s the point?

    Our secure online Chat has replaced email for most topics, to provide our members with real-time responses from a live USAA Representative. 

Secure Member Messaging (email) is only offered for products/services that is not offered by our Chat feature. 


PS — the ROBO LADY on the CHAT is also totally UNHELPFUL.

        I do apologize for any frustration caused by EVA (robo-lady)


When looking to begin a chat. Select the Chat tab, next to your profile initials, For “enter your question here,” type in: Representative. This will bring up topic options, select your topic, click on Chat if you see “Available” listed next to Chat. 


Thank you for allowing the opportunity to address your questions. For more in-depth assistance, call our specialists who can offer a Screen Share to assist you with navigating through the new format. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding with the new Homepage and features. You should also see a Introduction Video link near the top of the page when you click on an account page, from the Welcome to Your New Account Page notice along the top. 


I will share your feedback with the appropriate area, you may also select the Feedback tab, on the right side of the page, to submit any feedback, anytime!!


Have a great weekend! 

~ Lori C



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