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What makes Microsoft Excel so important?

With over 750 million users, Microsoft Excel is the most widely used tool for presenting and analyzing data. From planning your monthly expenses to crafting NASA’s latest exploration spacecraft’s intricate path, it is useful for all kinds of tasks. 

Many of you may find it tough to get hold of the tool, and following the conventional ways to perform the Excel operations is going to drain a significant amount of your time and energy. Hence, to compute things a little faster and efficiently, there are various Excel shortcuts that you can use to make your work easier.

What makes this article a must-read for Excel learners?

The article here extensively speaks about:

  1. Top reasons why you should learn Excel shortcuts
  2. The significance of Excel in the life of a Product Manager
  3. Top Excel Shortcuts you must know!
  4. Most Useful Excel Shortcuts
  5. Most Commonly Used Excel Shortcuts
  6. Excel Shortcuts for Editing Cells
  7. Excel Shortcuts for Formatting Cells
  8. Want to learn more productivity tools similar to Excel?

Top reasons why you should learn Excel shortcuts

  • Excel is a universal tool and makes computation easier. 
  • It can handle enormous amounts of data
  • Helps in maintaining accuracy and consistency
  • Increased productivity and reduced work burden

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The significance of Excel in the life of a Product Manager

Product managers are professionals who are responsible for the functionality, design and go-to-market strategy of a product. For making their tasks easier, they follow a systematic approach called product roadmap. 

A product roadmap is one of the most significant aspects of a product as it depicts the flow of a product right from its conception to delivery with a clear vision at every stage of the product. Also, to prepare the product roadmap, they needed a software/tool that was easy to share, visual, and at the same time- strategic, and they found their solace in Microsoft Excel.

Advanced level Excel provides the user the power to organize, calculate, and evaluate quantitative data, allowing the entire team and senior management related to the product to have the information they need to make important decisions.

Top Excel Shortcuts you must know!

From beginners to professionals, this guide will be handy for every Excel user out there, and here we have the most important shortcuts in Excel listed down for you. 

Most Useful Excel Shortcuts

Copy, Cut, Paste CTRL + C,X,V
Paste Special Ctrl + Alt + V
Select All Ctrl + A
Repeat Last Action F4 / CTRL + Y
Automatic Sum Function ALT + =
Start New Line in the Same Cell ALT + Enter
Display Formula of the Cell CTRL + ‘
Apply Border to Cells CTRL + SHIFT + &

Most Commonly Used Excel Shortcuts

CTRL + N New Workbook
CTRL + S Save a workbook
CTRL + W Close the Workbook
CTRL + F4 Close Excel
CTRL + Y Perform the action again
CTRL + Z Undo an action
F7 Check Spelling
F9 Calculate all the worksheets open in all the workbooks
CTRL + F Search, Find & Replace
CTRL + Tab Switch between open workbooks

Excel Shortcuts for Editing Cells

F2 Edit the cell
Alt + H + D + C Delete Column
Esc Cancel a cell entry
Enter Complete a cell entry

Excel Shortcuts for Formatting Cells

CTRL B/I/U Bolding/ Italicizing/ Underlining Selected Cells
ALT + H + H Select a color to fill
ALT + H + B Apply Border
CTRL + 5 Apply/Remove Strikethrough
CTRL + SHIFT + % Apply Percentage Format
CTRL + SHIFT + $ Apply Currency Format

While the above listed are just a few of the hundreds of shortcuts Excel has, these can come in handy for most of the regular Excel operations you perform on this tool, or even if you are about to attend an interview that questions your knowledge of Excel shortcuts.

Your interest to learn the quickest and most efficient way to perform tasks has brought you here, and that is exactly the trait organizations look for in a product manager. And if you are an individual looking forward to a challenging job role, the product manager profile will be the right fit for you.

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