ANZ restructures to deal with business development


ANZ is set to combine its digital and retail divisions ahead of its ANZ Plus launch. These changes include a new commercial businesses division to prepare the bank for future opportunities.

Shayne Elliott, chief executive officer of ANZ, said the restructuring comes as it readies the launch of ANZ Plus, the bank’s first digital banking service with built-in financial management tools. The app is centred around helping customers while improving the speed and resilience of its operations.

“ANZ Plus, which was built under the ANZx program, is a critical foundation in our digital transformation as we look to improve the services we provide our retail customers in Australia,” Elliott said. “It is a digital-led retail banking proposition centered on the financial wellbeing of our customers.”

The combination of two business groups will see Maile Carnegie, current group executive for digital banking, take on a new role as the group executive for Australian retail.

“Maile Carnegie is the right leader to take this business forward. She has brought a different perspective since joining our executive committee in 2016 and made a significant contribution in reshaping our digital offerings, particularly with ANZx,” Elliott said. “Maile’s recent banking experience, as well as her extensive career running consumer and digital businesses, means she has an exceptional skill set that will ultimately evolve our retail bank.”

Meanwhile, Mark Hand, outgoing group executive for Australian retail and commercial, will assist Elliott with establishing the new commercial division before he leaves for ANZ.

“Mark Hand has given tremendous service to ANZ over many decades and can be incredibly proud of the contribution he has made, particularly as a key member of the executive committee since 2018,” Elliott said. “In discussing these changes with Mark, he felt it was the right time to pursue opportunities outside of ANZ and we know he will be successful in whatever he decides to do next. Mark will fortunately still be with us for the next few months as he works with me to establish our new commercial division.”


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