The advantages of latex-free gloves within the working room terrain



Sterile defensive gloves are used to reduce the threat of infection for cases and clinicians in all healthcare settings. This is particularly important in operating theatres, where surgical point infection is a common and serious complication for perioperative cases. These gloves have traditionally been made from natural rubber latex and dusted with cornstarch greasepaint. Still, frequent use of latex gloves can lead to acuity or mislike to latex. A latex mislike causes discomfort and vexation, and it may reduce productivity, put significant fiscal burdens and indeed be life- hanging. There has not been sufficient substantiation to ban the clinical use of latex; still, in cases of suspected latex mislike, guidelines recommend the use of either latex-free gloves or greasepaint-free, low-protein latex gloves. The use of these indispensable gloves has generally been limited to cases of mislike because they’ve preliminarily been associated with reduced dexterity and continuity compared with latex gloves. This composition presents four case studies, in which health professionals in a perioperative setting compare the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional latex surgical gloves with those of latex-free gloves manufactured by Cardinal Health. The findings of these case studies suggest that these latex-free gloves are equal to latex gloves in terms of establishing asepsis and furnishing comfort and dexterity to the wearer, without presenting the threat of developing latex perceptivity and/ or mislike.


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